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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Botox®? 

A: Botox® is a brand name of botulinum A toxin. There are other name brands, including Dysport ®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau®, and others. 

Q: Why do people get Botulinum toxin? 

A: Botulinum toxin reduces the appearance of wrinkles, primarily in the face. 

Q: How does Botulinum toxin work?

A: All cosmetic uses of botulinum toxin work by blocking the nerve activity to specific muscles. Muscle tension in the face causes certain wrinkles in the face. Relaxing these muscles will lessen these lines. 

Q: Who gets Botulinum toxin?

A: Most commonly, women aged 40-60 pursue botulinum toxin more than anyone else. However, men and young people get botulinum toxin, too! People from age 20 yrs old to 80 years young commonly get botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin is helpful if you work in front of many people in healthcare, law, customer service, real estate, modeling, acting, performing, or any other field where your appearance and presentation can make a difference!

Q: How long does botulinum toxin last?

A: Anywhere from 2-4 mo when you’re just starting. 4-6 mo after you’ve had several treatments. 

Q: What are the benefits of botulinum toxin? 

A: Over several sessions, the treated muscles of the face will relax. This relaxation relieves tension which contributes to many wrinkles and fine lines. 

Q: Where can Botulinum toxin be injected? What issues can it treat? 

A: Botulinum toxin can treat MANY wrinkles in the face and neck. For a more extensive list of the areas, please click here. 

  • Gummy smiles

  • Frown lines -glabella

  • Lines on the forehead- frontalis muscle

  • Marionette lines- vertical lines extending down from corners of the mouth

  • Crow’s feet- outside of eyes

  • Dimples on the chin

  • Wrinkles around the mouth (lip or smoker’s lines)

  • Platysmal bands- vertical necklines

  • Eyebrows- eyebrow lift

  • Bunny lines- nose wrinkles

Q: Can Botulinum toxin treat wrinkles caused by sun damage or gravity?

A: No, botulinum toxin will not work on wrinkles caused by sun damage and gravity.

Q: I have dark skin. Is botulinum toxin safe for me?

A: We aim to enhance your natural beauty regardless of your skin tone. People can develop various facial wrinkles despite their skin tone. People with dark skin can absolutely enjoy the same benefits from injections as people with lighter complexions. However, people with darker skin are more likely to develop dark scars or keloids if providers don’t use the proper injection techniques. For this reason, we focus on minimizing local trauma from needle sticks and limiting the potential for scarring. We also recommend an entire skincare routine to stimulate overall skin rejuvenation. For more information, click here or click here. 

Q: What are the side effects of botulinum toxin?

A: This is highly dependent on the area being treated. Everyone has slightly different muscle and nerve structures. Generally, if the product is delivered to a nearby location by accident, you can experience abnormal facial drooping (or raising). These complications are completely temporary and can usually be addressed at a follow-up visit to minimize the appearance of any unlikely side effects. Remember, these products only last for 2-6 months, so the side effects, though rare, are rarely permanent.

Q: How do I know botulinum toxin injections will work on me?

A: These injections work on almost everyone. There are a few people who won’t see any effect, but this rarely happens. However, everyone reacts differently to the amount of product injected. We usually start with lower doses so you don’t experience sudden and extreme changes to your facial appearance. With each follow-up visit, you should see better and better results because we can increase your doses safely. Over time, some people need a smaller amount for the same effect. Either way, you get better results the more you come to see us!

Q: Is there a minimum amount of botox a person should get?

A: No, but studies show people are happier with the results when more than one area is treated. 


Q: I’ve had botulinum toxin injections before, and they didn’t work. Why? 


A: This is a complex question. Some people don’t respond to botulinum toxin at all. For other people, certain brands may work while others do not. You may not have received a strong enough dosage to be effective for you. Or, you may have developed a tolerance to botulinum toxin if you have used it for a long time.

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