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14 Things to know BEFORE getting botulinum toxin injection (Botox® - Xeomin® - Jeuveau® - Dysport®)

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Before your treatment:

  • People all around you are getting botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, and other cosmetic/aesthetic treatments. They can be affordable and the results are rejuvenating. Enhancing your appearance is not always drastic if done with taste.

  • Getting botulinum toxin does not mean you are a vain person. People get botulinum toxin for fun and for self-care, similar to getting your nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, makeup done.

  • Some people even throw botulinum toxin parties where many friends get together to receive treatments at the same time. 5-20 friends can relax, have fun, and laugh in an inviting supportive environment. Botox® parties often feature education and question and answer sessions. Refreshments are often provided from the party hosts!

  • Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are not the only people providing excellent services in aesthetic medicine. Education, experience, and skill matter much more than a title.

  • It's essential to develop a supportive relationship with your injector. Both you and the injector should provide constructive feedback in order to get the best results. Building a trusting relationship can make your experience. Where ignoring the relationship could leave you unhappy and with poor results.

  • Pricing can vary widely from provider to provider and from product to product. a provider may even offer discounts if you purchase several treatments at once. You may also receive a discount if you bring in new clients.

  • There are three to four different botulinum toxin injectable products. They all work similarly, but some products work better in some people. There may be some trial and error involved in determining the correct dose of the right product that works best for you.

  • Some people do experience allergic reactions, which can occur from one minute to 2 months after your treatment. This is very rare but does happen in a small subset of people.

What to expect during treatment:

  • The injections do cause some minor pain, but this resolves quickly. Ice, vibrations, and numbing cream will help if needed.

  • Your appointment will last less than an hour. Often the appointments last only 15-20 minutes, but the length depends on the number of areas treated.

After your treatment:

  • Botox® does not delete your wrinkles. It is also not meant to make you look Frozen. It relaxes facial muscles to improve wrinkles. It works better to prevent the worsening of wrinkles than to get rid of pre-existing ones.

  • Botox® effects are temporary. The benefits show approximately two weeks after injection and the results will last up to 4 months initially.

  • For 6 hours after your treatment, avoid exercise, lying down, or blood thinners. Also, avoid sunbathing, pools, hot tubs, baths, saunas, and steam rooms. All of these activities can increase your risk of side effects from the Botox® because it's circulates to unintended areas. These activities could also contribute to bleeding.

  • Some people experience pain, bruising, swelling, or bleeding, but these side effects typically resolve in less than an hour.

  • Sometimes relaxing the tension in the muscles of your face can make you feel relaxed overall and decrease jaw pain or headaches.

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